How do I pitch a program or podcast?

Podcast or Program idea?

Please feel free to submit your podcast or program idea to WNYC Studios. While we review every submission, we aren’t able to get back to everyone individually. If our interest is piqued, we’ll contact you. Best of luck, and thank you for considering us!


Here are the general questions you should try to answer in your program proposal:

1. Who is your show's target listener? Help us understand who you're serving.
2. Can you describe the show in fewer than 200 words? In other words, how would you tell a friend about this show if you were a listener?
3. Who's the talent, and what's their background and performing experience?
4. Can you envision this on multiple platforms?
5. How much would it cost to make?
6. Is it for a New York or national audience?

If you still have questions, please feel free to reach out to our Listener Services team here.