How do I listen to WNYC online?

You should be able to listen to live streams or on-demand audio from the WNYC website without doing anything special using most modern browsers. But if you’re experiencing interruptions, there are a few things you can check to troubleshoot.


Update Flash Player

When you want to stream audio, the WNYC website tries to select the best audio file format for your web browser. In some cases, it selects a streaming format that requires Adobe’s Flash Player to be installed. If you're unable to load a live stream, you might need to upgrade or manage your browser’s Adobe Flash Player plugin.


You can check what version of Adobe Flash Player you're running, see if it’s enabled, or download a free update at this page:


Supported Browsers

If Flash is already up to date, check to make sure your browser is up to date as well. Browsers, like most software, often make updates to improve features, support new technologies, and fix security vulnerabilities; making sure you’re using the latest version is a good habit to get into. The WNYC website should be fully functional in all up-to-date, modern browsers. You can check to see if your browser needs to be updated here:


Check Your Connection Speed

If you’re streaming audio from the WNYC website over a cellular network or internet service provider a with a slow connection, you might experience interruptions. For the best listening experience, we recommend a download speed of at least 1.5 Mbps. You can test your connection speed here:


Enable JavaScript

The WNYC website uses Javascript to display content and play audio that you can interact with. If you are unable to access the website, it’s possible you have Javascript disabled. You can check to see your Javascript settings and enable for your browser here:


Still have a question about our website or apps? Contact us here: Thanks again for listening to WNYC.