Listen live to The Sunday Show online!

You can listen live to The Sunday Show online through a variety of methods. Learn more below.

New Standards website


  • This will launch the player at the bottom of your screen.

Smart Speakers

You can ask your smart speaker to play WNYC’s New Standards stream. Here’s our basic guide.

For Amazon/Alexa

  • Say "Play WQXR’s American Standards"

Please note: This command won’t work on other smart speakers. We are currently working to get this enabled with other smart speakers on the market.

Internet Radio

If you have an Internet connection at home, you can also listen to the stream with an Internet radio. This is a stand-alone radio that can tune in any station that offers a live internet stream. Internet radios come in traditional tabletop form and are also available as “tuner” style radios that plug into an existing hi-fi stereo system or speakers.


You can listen on our mobile app on your smartphone.

  • Downloading the WNYC App from the Apple App Store (iPhone users) or get it on Google Play (Android users).
  • Open the app on your phone and scroll down to the New Standards stream at the bottom of the screen.
  • Click the ▶ button to begin your streaming experience.


If you would like to listen without the use of headphones, you can connect your phone to a Bluetooth speaker. There are many speakers on the market.

To activate your Bluetooth speaker following these instructions:

  • With the speaker near your device, turn the speaker on. Some speakers will have a flashing light letting you know that it is ready to pair with your phone.
  • Visit the Settings page on your phone and select Bluetooth.
  • Switch it to on and you will see “LANDO” as an option. If needed, enter PIN “0000.”
  • Your speaker should now be paired with your phone and will play the stream.

More Help

If you have difficulty accessing the stream through the methods outlined above, please contact WNYC Listener Services online or by calling 646-829-4000.